Osian Roberts

Tenor saxophonist, composer, arranger and teacher.


I am a licenciate of The Royal Academy of Music in London, which means that I hold an academic licence from the R.A.M. that officially qualifies me to teach music to individuals and classes.  


I enjoy teaching very much, and have taught at all levels in many different contexts from private students, through mid-sized saxophone ensembles, to large groups.  I've been a member of the teaching faculty at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama for many years, and have taught on the Prague Summer Jazz Workshop several times, as well as being an assistant tutor with the London College of Music Big Band. During my years as a member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, I also took part in nationwide school workshops as a saxophone tutor. Nowadays, most of my teaching consists of work with saxophone players of varying ability, but I also like leading groups of different instrumentalists, or any individual who wants to expand his or her knowledge of jazz in general, and harmony in particular.


With my saxophone students, I cover various technical aspects of the instrument, such as tone production, breath control, fingering techniques, altissimo register etc. as well as harmony, rhythm and overall performance. Of course, if students have a particular topic or area that they want to work on, I am happy to focus on that. This also applies to my non-saxophone students.



Talking changes with my private student Tomos Evans 


As a teacher, I often encounter musicians that have reached a certain standard, but are having difficulty getting to the next level. Usually this is due to what they practice and the way they spend their practice time, rather than lack of musical ability or will. I've worked out various methods to tackle this problem, my goal being to enable the student to experience the rapid and positive results that efficient practice can yield. Hopefully the outcome of this is that the student will get more enjoyment out of practicing, which is essential to further development; after all, you only have to ask musicians that have reached a high level on their instruments, and the overwhelming majority will tell you that they really enjoy practicing.  


Me with my excellent class at the Prague Summer Jazz Workshop 2005   


My main aim as a teacher is to impart the knowledge that I've gained (and hopefully will continue to gain) throughout my life as a musician, and to pass on the wisdom and inspiration that I've been fortunate to receive from the great teachers that I've had over the years, both in the classroom and on the bandstand.

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